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Achieve is a program designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students in the SES Program, allowing teachers to know exactly where their students are academically shortly after administering Achieve.

Achieve, a leader in educational assessments for grades 1-12, now offers a Pre and Post Assessment in Reading, Language Arts, Math, and selective grade levels for Science and Social Studies.

What Can Achieve Do For You?

· Takes Away the Stress of Searching for an Appropriate Pre and Post Assessment

· Provides a User-Friendly, Research Based Assessment Tool

· Provides Reliable Student Data

· A Student Learning Plan Can be Easily Developed Using the Achieve Test Data

· Data Integration into your Data Management System

· Testing is available online

· Easy-to-Read Reports Used to Communicate with Parent

The Testing Method:

1. Pre and Post Online Assessments

2. The results are available immediately after student completion

3. With the information from online results, the teacher can quickly create a Student Learning Plan on           the day of testing. Parents can sign the plan when they pick-up their student.