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Sample Reports and Test Questions

Achieve offers Multiple-Choice assessments in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics for grades 1-12 and selective grades for Science and Social Studies. Click on the links below to view sample test questions:

Multiple-Choice Reading/Language Arts Sample Test Questions

1st Grade Reading/Language Arts

5th Grade Reading/Language Arts

7th Grade Reading/Language Arts

9th Grade Reading/Language Arts

Multiple-Choice Mathematics Sample Test Questions

2nd Grade Mathematics

4th Grade Mathematics

8th Grade Mathematics

10th Grade Mathematics

Multiple-Choice Science Sample Test Questions

6th Grade Science

7th Grade Science

Multiple-Choice Social Studies Sample Test Questions

6th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

Achieve will ask 4 questions per benchmark on the Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics Multiple-Choice Assessments. If the student answers 3-4 questions correctly, that is considered Mastery. If the student answers 2 correctly, that is considered Partial-Mastery. If the student answers 0-1 question correctly, that is classified as Non-Mastery.

Multiple-Choice Reports

School Wide Report

Grade Wide Report

Individual Class Report

Individual Student Report

Benchmark Report

Student/Parent Benchmark Report

School Wide Comparison Report

Individual Class Comparison Report