Achieve is a program designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of students in the SES Program, allowing tutors to know exactly where their students are academically shortly after administering Achieve.

Achieve Program Outline

Achieve, a leader in educational assessments for grades 1-12, now offers a Pre and Post Assessment in Reading/Language Arts and Math.

Achieve efficiently and conveniently provides the data for you to create a Student Learning Plan for your students.

What Can Achieve do for You?

· Takes Away the Stress of Searching for an Appropriate Pre and Post Assessment

· Provides a User-Friendly, Research Based Assessment Tool

· Provides Reliable Student Data

· A Student Learning Plan Can be Easily Developed Using the Achieve Test Data

· Data Integration into your Data Management System

· Both Paper & Pencil and Online Testing Available

· Easy-to-Read Reports Used to Communicate with Parent

Choose One of the Following Testing Methods:

1. Pre and Post Online Assessments

2. Pre and Post Paper & Pencil Assessments Graded by Achieve

3. Pre and Post Paper & Pencil Assessments Graded On-Site

For the Online Assessment, a User Name and Password will be furnished to access the test.  Results are available      immediately following completion of the assessment at

For the Paper & Pencil Assessment, Achieve will send an Achieve Packet for each grade level, which will include:

· A Tutor Instruction Sheet

· Answer Sheets

· Test Booklets

Pencil & Paper Assessments Graded by Achieve: Return the completed answer sheets to Achieve in a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope.  Results are shipped back to you within 5-7 business days.

Pencil & Paper Assessments Graded On-Site by Tutor:

· Schedule a time for the student to take the Assessment - (Example:  Saturday morning.) The Assessment takes     approximately one hour to complete.

· The tutor logs on to the Achieve website with a User ID and Password.  The tutor enters the student data from the answer sheet into the Achieve system, which takes approximately 2 minutes per student to enter. 

· The results are then immediately available online at

· With the information from the online results, the tutor can quickly create a Student Learning Plan on the day of testingParents can sign the plan when they pick-up their student.

To place your order, print an Order Form (click for download).  Fax the completed order form to Achieve at (615) 563-2955.  Confirm your order by calling our toll free number, (866) 279-9185.














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