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How It Works

Achieve is a program designed to forecast how students will score on the standardized achievement test. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student. Achieve provides multiple-choice assessments for grades 1-12 in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, and selective grade levels for Science and Social Studies. The multiple-choice assessments are administered 2 times per year, normally taken in early fall and January/February. The school may administer both assessments online.

Results for the online assessment will be available online immediately upon completion of the assessment. Each school is assigned a User ID and Password for online security.

· The School Wide Report informs the administrator of how the entire school is performing on each    benchmark.

· The Grade Wide Report informs the administrator of how each grade is doing as a whole.

· The Individual Class Report provides data for each individual class.

· The Individual Student Report provides data on overall student performance within each classroom.

· The Benchmark Report provides performance data relating to every question and benchmark within    each classroom.

School Wide Comparison Reports and Individual Class Comparison Reports are available for the second assessment so you may quickly evaluate the progress of your students. The Student/Parent Benchmark Report is available online. Teachers may print the report to use as a Parent Take Home Letter during Parent-Teacher Conferences so that parents are aware of student progress.