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Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are available?

The Achieve program provides multiple-choice assessments for Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, and selective grade levels for Science and Social Studies.

What grade levels does the assessment cover?

Achieve offers assessments for grades 1-12.

How long does it take to administer the test?

It takes approximately 1 hour to administer the assessment for each subject.

When does the school take the assessments?

The assessments are conducted up to 2 times per year. These dates are flexible and may be scheduled to best fit the needs of your school.

How long does the school have to wait to receive their color-coded reports?

The results for assessments taken online are available immediately upon completion of the test.

What is considered Mastery, Partial-Mastery, and Non-Mastery?

Achieve will ask 4 questions per benchmark on the Reading/Language Arts and Mathematics Multiple-Choice assessments. If the student answers 3-4 questions correctly, that is considered Mastery. If the student answers 2 correctly, that is considered Partial-Mastery. If the student answers 0-1 question correctly, that is classified as Non-Mastery.

What do the reports look like?

Who developed the Achieve test?

Leading educators and professional test-writers from all across the country developed the actual test questions, which were field-tested. Educational background for test authors range from college professors to classroom teachers. These educators have many years of teaching experience for each subject area and grade level.